When choosing a Vertical Piano there are many questions folks ask me all the time.

Two of the most common questions are:

1.) What is the difference in size?

2.) What piano should I stay away from?

Generally, the taller the piano the better. An Upright Piano 50 to 60 inches tall is a perfect example. You might have seen these giant pianos in an old bar setting. All pianos are about 58 inches wide.

My personal favorite is the Studio Piano, 45 to 48 inches tall, this piano  is not to big for a home and they play and sound great.

The next piano a size smaller is the Console Piano 40 inches to 43 inches tall. I would not recommend a piano smaller than this, if you do, you will be suffering in sound and the piano will not feel good under the fingers.

The Piano clearly to stay away from is the Spinet as they are the smallest of all the pianos that were made. They do not make these pianos anymore as these pianos are nothing but trouble and they are extremely difficult to repair and tune. The Spinet piano has 1000 extra parts not found in any other piano.

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